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westminster DUI attorney

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Westminster Criminal Defense Attorney

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The City of Westminster is patrolled by the Westminster Police Department as well as the California Highway Patrol. Criminal cases from Westminster are filed in the West Justice Center. They are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office. Most arrests made in Westminster are for DUI, drugs, domestic violencetheft, assault and battery, criminal threats, hit and run, and resisting arrest. The West Justice Center has both free and pay parking. Security screening will delay your entrance into the building by up to ten minutes. The public defender is appointed to represent indigent defendants.  Inmates housed in the Orange County jail can be found through the inmate locator.

Westminster Facts

Westminster began as a Presbyterian temperance colony back in the 1800’s and is named after the Westminster Assembly of 1643 which established the Presbyterian religion. A large number of Vietnamese refugees settled in Westminster in the 1970’s, primarily in a location that came to be known as “little Saigon”. The 2010 census recorded the population of Westminster at nearly 90,000 residents. Westminster’s biggest employer is the Westminster school district. Edison and Ito farms are tied for a distant second.

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If you would like to speak to an expert Westminster criminal defense attorney or Westminster DUI attorney call us today at (949) 559-5500. The consultation is free. At The Law Office of EJ Stopyro we exclusively practice DUI and criminal defense in Orange County. Being charged with a DUI or other crime can have devastating effects on your career, reputation, family and freedom. Be sure to protect your rights by consulting with Westminster criminal defense lawyer or DUI attorney in Westminster who regularly practices law in the West Justice Center.