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Trabuco Canyon is patrolled by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as well as the California Highway Patrol. Most arrests made in Trabuco Canyon are for DUIdrugsdomestic violencetheftassault and batterycriminal threatshit and run, and resisting arrest. If you were arrested in Trabuco Canyon, your case will be filed at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach. This courthouse has free parking. Security screening will delay your entrance into the building. The public defender is appointed to represent indigent defendants. Other defendants will need to find their own Trabuco Canyon DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney in Trabuco Canyon. Cases at the Harbor Justice Center are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office . Inmates housed in the Orange County jail can be found through the inmate locator. Inmates housed in the Orange County jail can be found through the Orange County jail inmate locator. If you need to post bail contact Chad Conley Bail Bonds.

Trabuco Canyon Facts

Trabuco Canyon DUI lawyers know Trabuco Canyon is an unincorporated area in Orange County in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains. The word Trabuco means “blunderbuss”, which is a type of gun with a flared barrel and a shot pattern similar to a shotgun. Trabuco Canyon is rumored to have gotten its name when an early Spanish expeditionary lost his blunderbuss while traveling through the area. Trabuco Canyon was once mined for tin. This is evident from the tunnels dug into the sides of the canyon.

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If you are accused of committing a crime in Trabuco Canyon it behooves you to contact a Trabuco Canyon DUI lawyer or Trabuco Canyon criminal defense attorney who practices law in the Harbor Justice Center. When your liberty is at stake you’ll want the best attorney possible—someone with outstanding academic credentials as well as years of experience in the Orange County courts. Call The Law Office of EJ Stopyro today at (949) 559-5500We’ll help make sense of the charges against you and explain what will happen in court. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to an experienced Trabuco Canyon criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer in Trabuco Canyon about YOUR case.