Orange Criminal Defense Lawyer

Orange Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Orange is policed by the Orange Police Department as well as the California Highway Patrol. Most arrests made in Orange are for DUIdrugsdomestic violencetheftassault and batterycriminal threatshit and run, and resisting arrest. If you were arrested in Orange, your case will be filed in the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana. This courthouse has no free parking. It offers a parking structure or metered street parking, which is the cheapest but the meters must be fed every two hours. Security screening will delay your entrance into the building. The public defender is appointed to represent indigent defendants. Other defendants must hire their own Orange criminal defense lawyer or Orange DUI attorney. Cases at the Central Justice Center are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office . Inmates housed in the Orange County jail can be found through the Orange County jail inmate locator. Bail can be posted by Chad Conley Bail Bonds.

Orange Facts

Orange criminal defense attorneys know the City of Orange is known for its beautiful old homes, many of which were built before the 1920’s. The City of Orange has preserved and restored many of these homes instead of demolishing them as most Orange County cities have. Orange is home to nearly 137,000 residents. The city was incorporated in 1871. The City of Orange has just over 25 square miles of land and the city was built around the one-square-mile plaza at the city’s center (giving the city it’s nickname of “plaza city”). The Old Town Historic District is the one-square-mile of original structures built around the plaza.
Orange DUI attorneys will tell you that St. Joseph’s hospital is Orange’s biggest employer, with 4,000 employees. The UCI Medical Center is a close second providing over 3,900 jobs. The Block at Orange is a large shopping mall within Orange.

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If you have been accused of committing any of these offenses it is imperative that you consult with an Orange DUI lawyer or Orange criminal defense attorney who practices frequently in the Central Justice Center. Call The Law Offices of EJ Stopyro at (949) 559-5500 for a free and confidential consultation.
Every court is different—in fact, every judge in every courthouse has his or her own policies and practices. So it’s important to consult with a DUI lawyer, domestic violence attorney, drug lawyer, theft attorney or assault attorney who knows the prosecutors and judges who will be handling YOUR case.