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Lake Forest is policed by the Orange County Sheriff’s department. The California Highway Patrol also have jurisdiction there. Cases arising in Lake Forest are filed and prosecuted in the Harbor Justice Center. Most arrests in Lake Forest are for DUIresisting arrestdrugsdomestic violenceassault and batterytheft and criminal threats. Harbor Court has free parking but no cafeteria service. Indigent defendants are represented by the Public Defender. Other defendants must secure their own Lake Forest DUI attorney or criminal defense lawyer in Lake Forest. Cases in the Harbor justice center are prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorney. If you need to post bail you can contact Chad Conley Bail Bonds.

Facts About Lake Forest

Lake Forest criminal defense lawyers know the City of Lake Forest is largely residential. Its leading employer is Oakley, which is headquartered in Lake Forest. Oakley employs just under three thousand people. Panasonic Avionics Corporation comes in second, employing around 1,200 folks.

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If you have been arrested in Lake Forest, call The Law Office of EJ Stopyro at (949) 559-5500 to talk to an experienced Lake Forest DUI lawyer or Lake Forest criminal defense attorney. The consultation is free. You’ll need to consult with a Lake Forest DUI attorneyor Lake Forest criminal defense lawyer who practices regularly in the Harbor Justice Center and who knows the judges and deputy district attorneys who work there. We can guide you through the treacherous Orange County court process.
It’s important that you talk to a Lake Forest DUI attorney or defense lawyer who practices regularly in the Harbor Justice Center. Every courthouse is different. In fact, every judge in every courthouse has his or her own policies. So in order to get the best outcome in your case you need a Lake Forest criminal defense attorney or Lake Forest DUI lawyer who is familiar with the judge and DA handling your case.