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Crimes committed in the Orange County city of Garden Grove are prosecuted in the West Justice Center. This facility has both free and pay parking. It does not have a cafeteria or food service. Cases here are prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorney. Garden Grove is patrolled by the Garden Grove Police and the California Highway Patrol. Most arrests in Garden Grove are for DUIdrug possessioncriminal threatshit and runresisting arrestdomestic violenceburglary and assault. Indigent defendants are offered a free attorney from the Orange County public defender. Other defendants are represented by private Garden Grove DUI lawyers or criminal defense attorneys in Garden Grove who practice in the Orange County court system and who know the judges and deputy district attorneys who will be handling your case. Inmates in the Orange County jail can be found through the Orange County jail inmate locator.

Garden Grove Facts

Garden Grove DUI lawyers will tell you that Garden Grove is populated by over 170,000 residents. It has the second-largest Vietnamese-American population in the Nation. Garden Grove is known as the home of the Crystal Cathedral which is the center for religious broadcasts. When Garden Grove was founded in 1874 it was a small agricultural town producing lots of oranges, walnuts, and chili peppers. When the railroad came through in 1905 the town prospered and grew at a quick pace. Like many cities, Garden Grove’s population grew rapidly after World War II. Many young men received military training nearby and returned to the area after the war.
Garden Grove criminal defense lawyers know that although only one strawberry field remains in Garden Grove today, the city is well-known for its annual Strawberry Festival held over Memorial Day weekend. The festival attracts nearly a quarter-million visitors a year. Politically, Garden Grove is pretty evenly split between democrats and republicans. The city has three theaters of note but no major employers within its city limits.

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