Orange County DUI Lawyer: Need One?
Orange County DUI Lawyer

Any experienced Orange County DUI lawyer has seen the following scenario over and over again: You had one drink too many. You knew you probably shouldn’t get behind the wheel, but you felt totally fine to drive and really didn’t want to pay that ridesharing fee. Now, you’ve been charged with a DUI. But do you really need to hire an Orange County DUI lawyer and pay even more fees?

The necessity of an Orange DUI lawyer depends on the following factors:

Orange County DUI Lawyer for A First-Offense DUI 

If this was your first DUI charge and your blood-alcohol content was relatively low, you may not need to actually hire an Orange County DUI lawyer. But you absolutely need to consult with one. Also, having a clean criminal background and cooperating with the police at the time you were pulled over can help your case. In this situation, many prosecutors and judges may see the charge as routine and inoffensive, especially if there was no accident and no one was injured. If you are in this position, you must at least consult with an Orange County DUI lawyer to find out if there is a way of avoiding a DUI conviction. If there is not, then you can represent yourself.

However, if you have any possible defenses to your DUI charge, such as mishandling of blood samples or other misconduct, it is best to hire an Orange County DUI lawyer. If there is any possibility of getting the DUI charge dismissed or reduced to a wet reckless, you’ll definitely want to have an Orange County DUI lawyer on your side.

Prior DUI or High BAC Results

If you have a prior DUI conviction you will definitely need an Orange County DUI lawyer. In California, if you have a prior DUI conviction within ten years of the current DUI charge, you face mandatory jail time. In Orange County, a second-offense DUI with no accident or injury typically draws around 90 days in the Orange County Jail.

If you have more than one prior DUI conviction, there is no question you need an Orange County DUI lawyer. In Orange County a third-offense DUI without accident or injury typically is punished by around 8 months in jail. A fourth-offense is charged as a felony and is punishable by up to three years in prison.  

Any Orange County DUI lawyer in California knows that a high BAC also is likely to get harsh punishment, even if it is a first offense. If your BAC is high, having a DUI lawyer on your side can help reduce the potentially increased punishments. For instance, an Orange County DUI lawyer may be able to argue the following reasons for inaccurate BAC results:

  • Tainted evidence due to improper treatment by a laboratory technician
  • Possible mix up with another sample
  • Medical or health conditions
  • Failure to maintain chain-of-custody procedures
  • Unreasonable delay between arrest and testing

Orange County DUI Lawyer For The Underage DUI

If you were under 21-years-old at the time of your DUI arrest, it is highly recommended to hire an Orange County DUI Lawyer. These DUIs are treated very harshly by the judges and prosecutors in Orange County. The idea is to punish these DUIs with severity to deter these young people from committing a DUI in the future. Sentences include a mandatory one-year driver’s license suspension, additional treatment programs, and even incarceration.  

Accidents, injury, property damage, and death

The most critical DUI punishments are for cases where DUI accidents led to extreme bodily injuries, extensive property damage, and/or death. In these instances, it is essential to hire an Orange County DUI attorney because the stakes are so high and consequences can be grave. DUI accidents with severe effects can bring on additional charges, such as manslaughter, homicide, assault, criminal negligence, or reckless indifference. However, with the help of an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer, defendants may be able to enter a plea bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Free Telephonic Consultation With An Experienced Orange County DUI Lawyer.

If you’re not sure what your next move should be, contact a lawyer. Having an experienced lawyer to walk you through this confusing and difficult time is priceless. Looking for a reputable, experienced DUI attorney? The Law Offices of EJ Stopyro is Orange County’s most trusted criminal and DUI defense firm. Contact EJ today for a free consultation and confidential case review. Call (949) 559-5500 today for your free consultation.

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