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Cypress is policed by the Cypress police department and the California Highway Patrol.   Most arrests made in Cypress are for DUIdrug salesdomestic violenceauto theftassault and batterycriminal threatshit and run, and resisting arrest. Crimes committed in the city of Cypress are adjudicated in the North Justice Center located in Fullerton. If you cannot afford an attorney you may qualify for a public defender. Otherwise, you must find your own Cypress criminal defense attorney or Cypress DUI attorney. The Orange County DA prosecutes crimes in the North Justice Center. Inmates in the Orange County jail can be found through the Orange County jail inmate locator.

Cypress Facts

Cypress DUI attorneys love to point out that Cypress was once inhabited by Native Americans, then claimed by Spain, and then stolen by the U.S. as a result of the Mexican-American war. The city was originally called Waterville because of the large number of artesian wells in the area. But the city was incorporated under the name Dairy City in 1956 because of the large number of dairy farms. World War II brought a large number of young men to Southern California and after the war many of them returned to settle. The land simply became too valuable and the dairy farmers sold their land to developers, who built large tracts of residential property where dairy farms once reigned supreme.
Nowadays, Cypress criminal defense attorneys know that this city in northern Orange County is home to about 50,000 people. It is primarily suburban and the city’s largest employer is United Health Group with about 2,600 jobs. The second largest employer is Cypress college with just under 900 jobs.

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If you have been arrested in Cypress for DUI, domestic violence, theft, drugs or assault and battery, it behooves you to consult with a skilled Cypress DUI lawyer or Cypress criminal defense lawyer who practices regularly in the North Justice Center. Every judge has their own policies so its important to talk to a Cypress DUI attorney or Cypress criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the deputy district attorneys and judges who will be handling your case. Call The Law Office of EJ Stopyro at (949) 559-5500 for a free telephonic consultation.