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Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

Not all criminal defense lawyers in Orange County are equal. Some have superior academic training, are more experienced, and communicate better than others. Training, experience and professional demeanor are of primary importance when choosing the right criminal defense attorney to represent you in court.


The last time any of us criminal defense attorneys were actually graded on our knowledge of the law and our ability to apply it was in law school. So it might be a good idea to start your inquiry with your attorney’s legal training. Academic performance is a measure of intellectual ability and skill and an obvious predictor of professional success.



While you definitely want a criminal defense lawyer with lots of experience, you don’t want one who has been making the same old mistakes year after year. An effective criminal attorney will have a solid track record of successful case results. Moreover, it is extremely important that your criminal attorney have experience in the specific Orange County courthouse where your case is being prosecuted. Procedures and practices vary from courthouse to courthouse, and even from judge to judge. Your attorney’s familiarity with the policies and temperament of the judge and DA handling your case may make all the difference.


Clearly your Orange County criminal defense attorney’s ability to communicate and persuade is essential. After all, he or she will be speaking to DAs, judges, and maybe even jurors on your behalf. Can your attorney explain complex legal ideas in a concise, easy-to-understand way?  Was he or she able to do that with you when you spoke to them about your case? Did they clearly explain what will happen in court and what defenses may be available?

Cases We Handle

We provide representation for most crimes filed in State court. This includes domestic violence, theft crimes, drug offenses, assault and battery, DUI, resisting arrest, criminal threats(threaten to terrorize), hit and run and more.

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