Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County: 5 Questions to Ask
criminal defense attorney

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime in the Orange County courts? Regardless of how serious the situation is, you should talk to an attorney today. An Orange County criminal defense attorney is trained to analyze cases and generate strategies in hopes of stopping charges before they’re filed or reducing the current charges. From evaluating your charges to hiring expert witnesses and everything in between, attorneys can help advise you during this difficult time.  

But how do you choose the right San Juan Capsitrano criminal defense attorney? With so many criminal defense attorneys in Orange County, it’s crucial to ask these five questions before selecting the right one for you:

1. What Experience Does This Criminal Defense Attorney Have?

One of the most important questions to ask your potential Mission Viejo criminal defense attorney is about their prior experiences. With such important consequences weighing on the horizon, you want to find a knowledgeable Newport Beach criminal defense attorney who has experience in criminal defense. Ideally, you want a Huntington Beach criminal defense attorney who has had success with previous clients in similar situations to yourself. So ask any lawyer how much of their practice is dedicated to criminal defense and how many years of experience they have with criminal cases. Although there is no magic number, a lawyer with over 10 years of experience will most likely be familiar with navigating through criminal courts while staying up to date with the current criminal laws. To really make sure you’re getting the best Brea criminal defense attorney fighting for you, ask the right questions to find a lawyer experienced with the kind of charge you are facing.

The Law Offices of EJ Stopyro have over 15 years of experience in DUI defense, assault and battery, domestic violence, criminal threats, drug crimes defense, hit and run, theft crimes, resisting arrest, and more. Browse through our practice areas to learn more.

2. Does The Criminal Defense Attorney Practice In The Court Your Case Is In?

Not only do you want a Santa Ana criminal defense attorney who is experienced in criminal defense, but also someone who is knowledgeable about the specific courthouse your case is in. An Anaheim criminal defense attorney with local knowledge is important because he or she will be familiar with the specific practices of the court you’ll be going to. More importantly, you want a Fullerton criminal defense attorney who knows the Deputy District Attorney and judges. This can help because certain judges may be more strict or flexible when it comes to particular cases or laws so being aware of their tendencies beforehand can be advantageous. Further, ask your Rancho Santa Margarita criminal defense attorney about his or her experience with state and federal cases, depending on your charge, as the state and federal court systems follow different laws and procedures.

3. What Does This Criminal Defense Attorney Charge?

Many people don’t like asking this question up front, but talking about how much your potential Trabuco Canyon criminal defense attorney will charge you can prevent disputes in the future. Knowing the rates ahead of time can also help you choose your attorney. Ultimately, you want a high-quality lawyer who charges fair rates within your budget. Ask whether the lawyer will charge you an hourly or flat rate. With hourly rates, criminal defense lawyers charge for the actual time spent working on the case, whereas flat-rate fees are a set amount of money for your case regardless of the hours spent. Many Irvine criminal defense attorneys charge flat rates, but it’s important to ask what exactly the flat rate covers and whether there will be any additional charges.  

4. What Defenses Can The Criminal Defense Attorney Spot?

Another way to help you decide if a potential attorney is right for you is to take advantage of free consultations. A good Tustin criminal defense attorney will offer prospective clients a free consultation. This is a great opportunity for you to get a feel for the attorney and see whether or not you will work well together. Think of the free consultation as a test-run and get your questions answered without feeling obligated to hire the criminal defense attorney. To make the most out of your consultation, prepare a list of questions to ask and bring all the necessary paperwork.

At The Law Office of EJ Stopyro, free, confidential consultations are offered and encouraged. Mr. Stopyro will be happy to explain the charges, court process, and review the facts of your case for any possible defenses, procedural defects, or mitigation.

5. Will The Criminal Defense Attorney Personally Handle Your Case?

Although you may get along really well with the Placentia criminal defense attorney from your free consultation, this may not be the lawyer working on your case. So ask ahead of time who will be responsible for your case every step of the way. This is especially important for law firms with multiple criminal defense attorneys. Criminal cases can have life-changing results, so you want a Laguna Hills criminal defense attorney you can trust.

EJ Stopyro takes pride in handling each case personally. At our office, your case will not be “handed off” to an inexperienced junior Orange County criminal defense attorney. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of legal representation and achieving the best possible result.

Need a criminal defense attorney? Don’t delay and call E.J. Stopyro today!

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  • It’s good to know that you say one of the most important questions to ask about is what kind of experience a criminal defense attorney has. It makes sense that an experienced attorney would likely be more able to provide adequate defense in your trial. I know I would also feel a lot more confident in my attorney’s abilities if I knew that they had plenty of relevant experience on their side.

  • Your recommendation to choose a lawyer that is experienced with criminal cases and stays up to date on the current laws would be important. This could ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to help you. In order to check their experience, you’d probably want to check out the attorney’s website, which could also provide you with information on the areas they specialize in, such as DUI law or other criminal cases, so that you can determine if they’ll be able to help with your situation.

  • My friend is going through a hard time and needs to hire a criminal defense attorney. I think it would be a great idea to ask them if they are familiar with the area or court they would be attending. It would be smart to hire an attorney who knows the local area, because they would know how to handle the court better.

  • I love that you talked about finding a professional who has dealt with and has had success in similar situations as yours. My aunt is looking to hire a domestic violence attorney but wants to make sure she gets the best one for her. I’ll be sure to talk to her about finding one who has dealt with similar situations as hers.

  • Wow, I had never thought about how important it is to ask your potential lawyer about their perspective experience in the field. Just as you explained, you will need to find a lawyer who has had success with previous clients in similar situations as yourself. A friend of mine has been looking for an attorney for a couple weeks now, and I think that this information would be extremely beneficial. Thanks again!

  • A friend of mine was arrested for DWI, and he doesn’t know what to do. It makes sense that he would want to get a good lawyer! I’ll be sure to let him know that there are lawyers that specialize in this kind of thing.

  • Thank you for the post on the 5 questions to ask before hiring a criminal defense attorney. I like the idea to ask what defenses you have. You want to hear how the attorney is going to be fighting for you and what your chances are.

  • I didn’t know that an attorney with local knowledge is important because he or she will be familiar with the court you’ll be going to and more likely to know the local prosecutors and judges. My brother was involved in a criminal case last week with his friends. My dad suggested having a criminal defense attorney and shared this article with her.

  • I couldn’t agree more when you mentioned asking the lawyer for his experience even before hiring his services. It is recommended that you pick a lawyer that has been practicing for many years and has handled multiple cases that are similar to yours. This means he has a vast knowledge of his area of expertise and is highly regarded in the legal community. If I were to look for a lawyer to represent me in my drug violation case, I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.

  • A friend of mine was arrested for DUI. It makes sense that he would want to find an attorney that has experience with that kind of stuff! That way his lawyer will have the skills to get him out of that situation without a harsh sentence.

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