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Corona Del Mar is policed by the Newport Beach Police Department and the California Highway Patrol. If you stand accused of committing DUIdomestic violencehit and runcriminal threatsresisting arrestdrug possessiontheft or assault and battery, then your case will be adjudicated at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach. Indigent defendants are appointed a lawyer at no cost by the Orange County Public Defender. Other defendants must find their own DUI lawyer in Corona Del Mar or Corona Del Mar criminal defense attorney. Inmates housed in the Orange County jail can be found through the Orange County jail inmate locator. Cases in Harbor Court are prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorney. Parking at this courthouse is free but there is no cafeteria service. If you need to post bond you can contact Chad Conley Bail Bonds.

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Corona Del Mar criminal defense lawyers know that Corona Del Mar, or “Crown of the Sea” is really a neighborhood in the City of Newport Beach. It consists of the land on the seaward face of the San Joaquin Hills. Its beaches include Crystal Cove State Park and Corona Del Mar State Beach. Corona Del Mar is home to just under 14,000 people who live mostly in free-standing homes of varied architecture. Corona Del Mar also has its share of multi-million dollar mansions with spectacular ocean views.

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If you have been arrested call The Law Office of EJ Stopyro today at (949) 559-5500 to talk to an experienced Corona Del Mar DUI lawyer or Corona Del Mar criminal defense attorney. Because a criminal conviction can have devastating effects on your career, reputation and freedom its important that you protect yourself today. The advice is free and confidential.
You’ll definitely need to talk to a Corona Del Mar criminal defense lawyer or Corona Del Mar DUI attorney as soon as possible. Because every courthouse has its own policies and because every judge in every courthouse has their way of doing things, you’ll want to consult with a Corona Del Mar DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney who practices nearly every day in the Harbor Justice Center.