Domestic Battery: Penal Code 243(e)(1)

domestic battery

Orange County criminal defense lawyer explains the law of domestic battery.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Orange County domestic violence lawyer explains the law behind domestic violence restraining orders.

Domestic Violence Attorney: Vandalism Charge

domestic violence attorneys

After 14 years as an Orange County domestic violence attorney I can attest that it is quite common for domestic violence and […]

Domestic Violence Defenses

domestic violence defenses

Orange County Domestic violence attorney explains domestic violence defenses

Domestic Violence Punishment

domestic violence punishment

Domestic violence punishment is explained by an experienced ORANGE COUNTY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LAWYER.

Criminal Protective Order

criminal protective order

Both a criminal protective order (CPO) and an emergency protective order (EPO) is issued by a judge or magistrate of […]